Best speed dating in dc

08-Sep-2017 21:49

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I've been in DC for a few years now and tried all sorts of ways to meet women, dated a lot, had a couple of steady girlfriends (at the time) and generally, I think I gave more effort than your average single guy to meet the opposite sex and bed them/date them.

Only downside, and this has happened to me on more than one occasion, you date a girl, it doesn't go well and then you wind up seeing them at another meetup event(s)...awkward.

But there's a meetup for everyone and this is great since you get to actually meet people with some common interest.

What do I say, "hey want me to help you pick out a pair of melons and then we can get a cup of joe after that?

" I've thought about it once or twice but decided against it. Besides, I think douches only hang out at coffee shops - seriously, you're not that cool and we all know you're just surfin porn. I think happy hour with friends is okay but I never met anyone outside my social circle doing one of these things.

Also, I've never managed to penetrate the circle of girls that come 5 or 6 deep to any substantial level. The Gym: I've been going to a gym for the last 10 years and I still don't know if women like being hit on there.