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ferus (Peters and von den Driesch 1997: 652) and there is no evidence to suggest that the original range of C.

ferus included those parts of Central Asia and Iran where some of the earliest Bactrian remains have been found.

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Another difference is the ability of these wild camels to drink saltwater slush, although whether the camel can extract useful water from it is not yet certain.

Where the ranges of the two species overlap, such as in northern Punjab, Iran and Afghanistan, the phenotypic differences between them tend to decrease as a result of extensive crossbreeding between them.

The fertility of their hybrid has given rise to speculation that the Bactrian camel and the dromedary should be merged into a single species with two varieties.

The domesticated Bactrian camel has served as a pack animal in inner Asia since ancient times.

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With its tolerance for cold, drought, and high altitudes, it enabled the travel of caravans on the Silk Road.The feet are very tough, as befits an animal of extreme environments.

The English translation appears parallel to the Greek text of Niese (provided by The Perseus Project) and commentary is seen by clicking on the footnote numbers.… continue reading »

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Topics covered include dressing for winter, fire safety, home safety for children, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), swimming safety, and street safety.… continue reading »

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