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If you like good Virginia tobacco but find straight Virginia blends a bit one-dimensional, OGS is an ideal remedy. I simply grab enough tobacco for a bowlful, fold and massage it to the shape of a football, and then air pocket the resulting clump into the chamber, evening off the top with my thumbs. Pipe Used: Bjarne Age When Smoked: New Purchased From: Pipes and Cigars Similar Blends: Former - Cross Grain Flake. I used to rub it out before smoking but have found that, like most flakes, it smokes longer, cooler and stronger if I just fold it and stuff it in my pipe (although this requires a extra few relights to get it going).For the price, there is no better VA flake out there. I am intrigued by the debate over whether OGS contains perique.The Perique in the blend is extremely subtle, and is hardly detectible once this stuff as some age on it. I would point out that perique is a type of burley tobacco and therefore the statement that previously graced the OGS label, that it contained burley, is not surprising or incorrect.I have a hundred tins of this brooding for the tobacco apocalypse and plan on buying many more. As to whether it contains perique, if Orlik says it does than I assume it does because their's is a reputable company and I don't believe they would make false claims about their tobaccos (not to mention that doing so would be illegal).Well it's been good but this update now comes to an end. I've been putting this one together for weeks and weeks and even more weeks so hopefully you enjoyed surfing it otherwise it was all a giant waste of my time. The label on the back of the tin has always said "Virginia and Burley",but all of a sudden the maker says they meant to say "Perique" when they said "burley". A very fine flake I've been puffing on for more than thirty years. The second third releases a sweeter flavor which lets the Va shine.The maker of this fine tobacco knows darn well between the two tobaccos and their spelling. This is true pressed Virginia with a just a smidgen of burley tobacco blended in. NOTICE: Look back on reviews of this tobacco a few years ago before the maker stated there was perique in the blend. The final (best) and most complex third has the best balance of flavor, between the mellowed sweetness, built darker notes of leather and nut, and the gentle reminder of perique spice.

Golden Sliced is well behaved for a Virginia in the bite category. Some tobaccos tire the taste and are best smoked as a change of pace. I have not given it the fourth star, but I seriously considered it. On a side note: When I smoke a tobacco for review I always push it a time or two to see how it responds. The hay-like flavor comes strongly to the front and it gets very harsh. Slow and easy will reward you with a top notch smoke.

The slices are just a tad on the moist side, so, some may prefer to let it air out a bit before smoking.

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