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We won't import Dai Mao fanfics that have been already posted on other platforms into this journal....

Instead we will host regular, themed Dai Mao fanfic events on this journal, fanfic events that everybody can participate in.

Constructive criticism is also welcome as long as it is objective.

However, any flames as well as any rude, hurtful or abusive comments will not be tolerated and removed by one of the aministrators of this journal.7.

Please let the writers know what you think of their works by leaving a little review in the comment section of the story post.

Your reviews are the only reward the fanfic writers get and therefore every comment is highly appreciated.

Rikkai (In Winter of 2007-2008) - The Prince of Tennis Musical : Dream Live 5th (2008) - The Prince of Tennis Musical : The Imperial Presence Hyotei Gakuen feat.

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The fics you can post here should either be one-shots (minimum word count: 500) or chaptered fics. He is best known for his role as Eiji Kikumaru of the fourth generation Seigaku cast in The Prince of Tennis musical series Tenimyu.In 2010, he portrayed the hero Aguri/Gosei Black in Tensou Sentai Goseiger, the first portrayer of a Black Super Sentai Warrior to have been born in the Heisei period of Japanese history.Now, the hotel is nothing more than an ordinary hotel.

New manager Ryuuya Sawashiro (Daisuke Watanabe) then attempts to bring the hotel back to its glory days. I really wish your new movie was being released in America as well, as it's so hard for your fans here to see you on the big or small screen.Please don't spam the comment section of a story post with any comments unrelated to the respective post.

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