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On the other hand, the negative trait of anger can be positive when used to fight against evil and injustice .

If this is so, then does everyone have a second spirit and where do these spirits stay while we are awake?Here's how it is done: Hold a washing cup in right hand and fill it with water.Pass the cup to the left hand and pour water over the right hand (up until the wrist).In yesterday's message we learned that God does not challenge people beyond their capacities.

It follows, then, that as they advance in spiritual growth and strength, they actually render themselves vulnerable to trials of greater intensity.

Thus, when he was put to the ultimate task - to sacrifice Isaac - Abraham was not taken aback. We are not of the mettle of Abraham, and we pray every day, "Do not put us to test." While we indeed wish to advance spiritually, we ask to be spared the distress of trial.