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It was during his stand-up where he was most able to tap into what he calls It was in Williams’ stand-up where he would go into his manic, stream-of-consciousness rants filled with vulgar language, perverse sexuality and the glorification of illicit drugs and drunkenness.Many people express shock after seeing Williams’ stand-up, not knowing his act was so perverse.Mark 5:9Suicide is not the unpardonable sin, neither is murder, divorce, fornication, homosexuality, drug addiction or anything else you could possibly do.No, the only sin that God cannot forgive is the one of rejecting the free gift of salvation that is found only in Jesus Christ.

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If the “god” you meet in rehab is not the Lord Jesus Christ, you have met a powerless idol who cannot help or save you.The generic “higher power” many meet in rehab may get you sober for a time, but will damn your eternal soul if you die without meeting Jesus in particular, and not just “god” in general.