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Lurker I can't validate the comments, but post them for the interesting perspective that they provide. I stated my sale on this forum on the dates I sold.Just hoping that they will stimulate thoughts and comments. My capital gains for the 10 years I was in the funds were well in excess of 340%.Therefore they are purely physiological, and can be read as such. Au has let me down for the moment, I still have a pile of it. I am an optimist, but I think there are limits to analitical and emotional optimism. What do you think of stagflation and natural resources? Suffice it to say, EVERY SINGLE ONE made me money, as anyone who HAS follwoed those very specific posts knows.IMHO Panda Where is the source of the comment that you made last night, regarding the English share market and its maximum of a 20% fall in one day. To repeat a few of the more recent ones, I sold my entire stake in Equities ( Fmagx, Fbgrx ) in August averaging out between DOW 7800 and DOW 8100.This doesn't count my tax savings or complany stock match which would increase those gains by approx. ( .45 cents saved in taxes for each dollar invested, and .40 cents matched in my complany stock which has also gained ANOTEHR approx. I made a 1 day play of Fidelity Magellan on the day of the "Eclipse" ( 10% of my 401K plan MMF ) because I felt Puetz was such an excellent contrary indicator and was calling for a massive crash that date. I made a 2 day play the day of the "Full Moon" once again because Peutz was such a great contrary indicator and calling for a massive crash that day.Now for more serious recent plays based on fundamentals, I bought a 10,000 ounces of silver during the summer, averaging in between .18 and .25.

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I am of the opinion that markets are made up only of peoples opinions. I have posted several trades here in advance, I shan't repeat them all for your benefit.I know that real facts, actual trades, 100% accuracy in predictions is completely disrespected on this particular forum, however, they do exists nonetheless, "inconvenient" though that may be for Gold Bugs who are playing mental masturbation games with each other.You know, the more I read posts by folks like yourself, Spud, Silverito, Puetz, Sheller, et al, the more I am starting to understand the postings of Hepcat. Maybe Hepcat, like myself, just can't resist this place, because we see it as our life's goal to inject a tiny grain of reality into this fantasyland asylum. Try and say SOME thing besides your obsessive compulsive LGB bashing. Management is terribly undereducated technically and yet they boldly go down the outsourcing route. Yesterday's LA Times had a big front page article about Y2K that basicaly said, "Yeah, there is a lot of gloom 'n doom out there but essentially it is a solveable problem. Not to worry..." If you're interested, the text is probably at the LA Times site but at the moment I don't have the URL. The retracements that we have seen are very healthy and the amount of denial seen, indicates that the bulls still feel like they have control.

Corporations have succeed in churning and demoralizing what little permanent staff they have left to such a point that no one wants to bother or even knows how to fix old Y2K code. I guess anything can get fixed if the price is right? A.& MIRO: Interesting that there is a Y2K discussion going on tonight. For it to re-establish a new leg down and reach a lower level than before. I feel that this market is performing well, technically, in its new form of downtrend.

This is unusual within a market that is supposed to be accumulating for the current upleg.

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