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This is because, unlike other cities, Chicago has had such a rich history in music, from various dif- ferent sounds.

KINGSLEY LAS VEGAS— Elvis Presley is going on tour. It is extremely difficult to get the four men together for a brief luncheon. Chandler is involved with the Soul- mobile project which is bringing soul music to Chicago's steaming ghetto streets this summer.By ELIOT -n EGEL NATRA's Dixon Promises Better Scene for Labels B) CLAUDE HALL HOUSTON — Alvin Dixon, president of the National Asso- ciation of Television and Radio Announcers, promised a more cordial atmosphere to the rec- ord industry at this year's con- vention here Aug. He also pointed out that the 15th annual convention, which will be held at the Royal Coach Inn.has more workshops and semi- nars scheduled than ever before.Mercury recording artist (third from left), gets together with several members of the writers workshop he and Gene Chandler started.

Others in the photo, from left, are: Terence Collier, writer; Larry Wade, member of Billy Butler and Infinity group; three members of Brown Paper Bag group (standing): Billy Butler: and Chuck Jones, writer and singer. Motown made it by going with young people, by trying a differ- ent thing that other people wouldn't take a chance on, sounds and different little gimmicks, and the kind of freedom that lets you not pronounce a word correctly if that's your idea." Steinberg cuts in: "But we're willing to take the shot with you and Jerry." Both of the young musicians start to answer and Steinberg finishes his point; "I think you're absolutely right about allowing artists and producers complete freedom to be creative.

According to the Met's pro- posal now being considered by the unions, "the preeminence of the Metropolitan Opera Company constitutes an asset of great potential value.