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In other words, if someone is told, 'Give me your most sincere laugh, right now,' they would be incapable of doing so since all their efforts would feel insincere.This is why an avoidant person can`t share positive emotions on demand either.What keeps them from creating lasting love and how can they break this pattern?The most common pattern observed is that singles getting trapped in anxious or avoidant attachment patterns.For instance, those with avoidant attachment often perseverate on their partner`s small flaws (slightly unattractive features, or minor incompatibilities) fearing that these may lead to future problems, when the issues may actually be a sign that they`re suffering from a specific type of obsessive compulsive disorder, called Relationship OCD (or ROCD). Here are a few that I see most often: • all-or-nothing thinking (using always, never, or absolutes while failing to see important exceptions) • what if (ruminating over past choices or possible catastrophic outcomes) • comparison trap (validating or invalidating one`s worth or relationship through comparison rather than self-determination) • personalization (believing one`s partner is a reflection on oneself) • perfectionism (believing personal and relationship perfection is the answer and solution to avoiding unhappiness) • emotional reasoning (believing that every emotion or thought is potentially important and should be given attention) • mental filter (focusing on one thing until it obscures the bigger picture) • should statements (shaming oneself or others as a means of motivation) In the 3 Dangers of Dating the Best I talk about the role of perfectionism, personalization, and the comparison trap, but all of the thinking errors above create problems.Through understanding the underlying influence of anxiety in propelling both sides of this insecure attachment cycle, singles can learn to break their patterns and create secure attachments through being Available, Responsive, and emotionally Engaged (A. Not only do these thinking errors increase anxiety but they also contribute to driving singles to act in more anxious or avoidant ways.It doesn`t mean they don`t feel positive emotions at other times, but when under the influence of pressure, their ability to feel positive emotions is restricted.This phenomenon is best explained by the Be Spontaneous Paradox, in which an authentic reaction or emotion is expected immediately and spontaneously, which is paradoxically impossible since the ability to be authentic requires spontaneity, which can not be forced or created on demand.

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Due to their belief that their need for commitment is understandable or their fears of incompatibility are reasonable, they often don`t see anxiety as being the true source of their problems. Common thinking errors Thinking errors are quite pervasive in our society.I define chemistry as “the feeling or desire that compels you, when in the presence of a particular person, to want to please them, touch them, and make them happy.” That’s it!Too many singles associate chemistry with the desperate feelings, longing, and compulsive thoughts that are actually a common sign of insecure attachments or addictive, abusive, or manipulative relationships.For example, their frustration with a partner being frequently late may be more about the fear of being powerless, embarrassed, taken for granted, or mistreated than it is about the other`s tardiness.

When the underlying fear is exposed, it is easier for them and their partner to respond in a way that keeps them both Available, Responsive, and emotionally Engaged in their relationships (A. E.) as they learn to solve problems together as a couple.

If you think that chemistry is something you should feel all the time, that the person should be on your mind all the time, that your desire to be with them should be intense and constant, and that your fear of living without them should compel you to tears, you will only find yourself in dramatic, intense, and unstable relationships that are prone to extreme emotional upheaval.

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