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03-Oct-2017 07:01

Can’t they first acquire solid content, cement their viewership then charge corporates an even higher premium?

Now to get corporate sponsorship is another challenge, in a Nairobi that extols mediocrity and degrades merit.

Nairobi has become so mediocre, that anyone with a brilliant idea would prefer it gathering dust in their house, than being put through a cat and mouse game whereby Linus Kaikai makes you wait in his office as he finishes playing golf at Muthaiga Club, only to later cancel an appointment with no apology.

Pure nursery-school arrogance that is affecting the bottomline of these media houses. Media houses would commit time and resources to cover political rallies and mediocre party launches live, yet not extend the same courtesy for other more productive sectors of the economy like art, sports and the likes.

Leading advertising agencies for instance Bharatt Thakrrar of Scan Group have created one redundant environment where standards of advertisements are equally deplorable.

Look at for-instance an advert for Unaitas reaching out to investment groups popularly known as “chamas” and the downright intellectual-inferiority in that advert alone is nauseating.

There are countless of events happening countrywide every week, which the media chooses to give a wide-berth.

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All the media you consume is dictated by corporates, leaving you to wonder what media houses do with all the profits they declare.Christian singer Erica Campbell of Mary Mary astonished her followers on social media by sharing a post purporting that the NIV version of the Bible has removed 45 verses totaling 65000 words from the bible.