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While on the way to the Tsuchigumo village, Naruto argues with her only for Yamato to devise a plan to convince Hotaru to accept their protection.Using his unique technique, Sai drew mountain leeches to fall on Hotaru, who was scared enough for her to accept Team 7's protection.During Utakata's repeated attempts to make her give up on training under him, he ordered her to first master some basics in chakra control and techniques.

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She is then brought to a personal room, unaware that the village had already betrayed her to the bandits from earlier.Hotaru is shown to be a determined individual, as she asked for the kinjutsu to be implanted on her back in order to continue the legacy of her clan and she is somewhat independent as she initially declined help from Naruto.She is also persistent about her goal, endlessly practising techniques taught to her by Utakata until she held basic mastery of them.Hotaru has fair skin, dark-green eyes, and long wavy blonde hair with widows peak, reaching her back.

Hotaru wears a violet-coloured kimono top with white trimmings tied by a black obi, black shorts with a shuriken holster underneath a slit black skirt with red trimmings, violet arm warmers and black shinobi boots.Once again, Hotaru begged Utakata to take her on as student, despite his obvious refusal.

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